Q&A Session With
Batter Up Pancakes

  • Is Batter Up Pancakes a franchise?

    Not at this point in time.

  • Do you have any other locations?

    Not currently. After opening our flagship Batter Up on the Figarden Loop in 2009, we closed that location in September 2012. We would love to expand the concept in the Southern California area, near our children and three grandchildren.

  • Where did the idea originate?

    Becci had a prophetic dream outlining the gist of the business plan while in Tucson, Arizona, at son Michael’s U of A baseball series.

  • Why baseball terms and proper names?

    We love baseball. Our son was a former minor league baseball player for seven years.  Proper names are those of family members, dear friends and loved ones.

  • Who is the face of the logo?

    Our grandson, Benson, who was sixteen-months old when the original logo was created. Our granddaughter, Nicolla, is featured on a new line of dry-seasoning mix and our littlest angel, Tessa, is the namesake for our most popular Tessa Cate Cinnamon Roll Cakes.

  • Why do the pancakes taste different from other restaurant’s pancakes?

    Our pancakes taste uniquely homemade because they ARE. Crafted from rich buttermilk, whole eggs, pure vanilla extract and butter, these gems rise on the grill slowly, much like a cake in the oven, yielding a beautiful, golden sphere of goodness. The average time for a pancake to cook once placed on the grill is six to seven minutes.

  • How much buttermilk do you use in a given week?

    We use approximately 400 half gallons of buttermilk monthly.

  • What kind of pancake mix do you use?

    Our pancake mix is Jeff’s secret recipe. We make approximately 400 pounds of dry pancake mix weekly using our 80-quart Hobart mixer.  We sell packages of our dry mix in our retail area and online via our webpage, where you’ll find original buttermilk, whole grain blue cornmeal and protein mixes available to purchase.

  • What makes the omelets taste so light and fluffy?

    Our omelets are made from AA eggs that we hand crack. We use approximately 3,800 eggs weekly. All the veggies are fresh and many are sautéed separately, then added into the omelet. The veggies and omelets are cooked in clarified butter which makes them simply delicious, light and fluffy.

  • Why is Pure Maple Syrup so expensive?

    On average, it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of Pure Maple Syrup. A hole is drilled into each maple tree which yields 10 gallons of sap in an average year.  Four maple trees, ranging in age from 40 to 200 years, are needed to make one gallon of Pure Maple Syrup which makes it very costly to purchase (think pure liquid gold) and why we must charge an additional cost to our customers. If you have treated yourself to some Pure Maple Syrup today, may we suggest pouring a small amount onto your plate then  dipping your bite of pancake into the syrup.

  • Is everyone who works at Batter Up a family member?

    Not biologically, but we like to treat each team member as if they were part of our family.  They are selectively hired and all are an integral part of our stellar team.

  • What type of coffee do your serve?

    We are proud to serve coffee from Lanna Coffee.  Lanna is a local coffee company that sells delicious, rich coffee with a significant and meaningful purpose. Lanna exists to provide quality coffee while changing the future opportunities for growers and villagers that grow and harvest Lanna coffee in Thailand. Lanna’s partner organization provides clean water, health care and agricultural opportunities to villages in Thailand. The purchase of Lanna coffee reaches far beyond Fresno, across the globe. Net profits of Lanna Coffee sponsor a wide variety of holistic and sustainable community development projects. Over 400 farming families are assured above-current fair-trade prices, which keeps them from growing opium, other illegal drugs, and having family members deceived into the trafficking industry. Please refer to our web page for more information on Lanna Coffee.

  • Do you cater breakfast and lunch?

    Absolutely.  Please ask for one of our catering menus or find a catering menu on our webpage.

  • Can we make a gift basket from products in your retail area?

    Absolutely. We encourage guests to bundle a bag of Batter Up dry pancake mix, some whole bean (or ground) Lanna Coffee, maybe a coffee mug and a small bottle of Pure Maple syrup and we will cello-wrap it all together for a fun, unique gift idea.

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